"Lost Time" p.4 -Finale

You'd think that by the time the writer (me) gets back from his vacations, everything will be back to normal again? Guess again, there's a lot going on, and the damage done is not that simple to fix anymore!

Last part of our "Lost Time" story, and let's see where this thing goes from now on!


Lost Time p.1

"What happens during Spyros' vacations stays in Spyros' vac--" no wait, this is not the right expression...
Anyway, my point is, we had a really long break and it's time to return with some comics! There's a new cosplayer-related comic coming, the 2nd AZ Powergirl part, profiles, and many more! But first, let's see what happened all this time I was "out of service".

So, "LOST TIME" part 1!


Guest Of The Month: POWERGIRL! p.1

 Finally! Our guest has arrived, and we are ready to go!

 So, Guest Of The Month Starts Here ladies and gentlemen, and...ok, this is part One, for a really good reason.


 P.S. Let's not forget our Real Guest here, the lovely Cara Nicole, also known as AZ Powergirl, who's playing... Powergirl, in our Powergirl presentation!
 Link for her work here http://azpowergirl.com/ and don't forget to join her facebook fanpage!


Technical Difficulties

 Today we were supposed to have our new category, "Guest Of The Week" ready, BUT, as you can see, we got nothing.

 Our Guest, Powergirl, is late, so apparently this Comic will be up tomorrow.

 We are terribly sorry for the incovenience, stay with us for one more day, if not for me or Powergirl, do it for the two cute, cuddly giraffes hosting thins thing, that are really frustrated right now with all this delay.*

*This post is dedicated to the best comic comedy writer ever, Keith Giffen.-


Coming On Monday...

 Coming on Monday, as the title says, our 1st "Guest Of The Month" (yes, it's going to be a monthly thing, at least I hope so), is coming to our blog, and it's gonna be Huge!

 Sneak peak of new category's header, and our guest is...


 Take a look at this teaser as well ->

 Featuring AZ Powergirl, the lovely model/cosplayer/promo model/writer and sooo much more, Cara Nicole!


Guest Of The...the...

 Another week, another announcement, and we're almost ready to present our next Category!

 "Almost" because we had a hosting problem, but now everything's okay.

 So, this Category will be called "Guest Of The...", and will feature a...guest every...you know how this works, and you also know how these things work on This site, so I can't really tell or predict how often it will be updated. "...of the Month"? "...of the Decade"? "...of the Week"? Just kidding, I can't get a new Guest comic every week, so let's stick to the other options!


How To...Make A Cake!

 Here we are again guys and gals, with our brand new category, named "How To...?"

 I don't really think there s any need for explanation, the name is pretty self-explanatory! I hope we'll have this educational category once a month, but, you know how these things work, you can never predict the future!

 ...Especially since our host is going to be Master! Master is not an animal character as we'll see more details about him in his own profile coming soon, but for now, let's learn How To Bake A Delicious Cake!!