"Lost Time" p.4 -Finale

You'd think that by the time the writer (me) gets back from his vacations, everything will be back to normal again? Guess again, there's a lot going on, and the damage done is not that simple to fix anymore!

Last part of our "Lost Time" story, and let's see where this thing goes from now on!


Lost Time p.1

"What happens during Spyros' vacations stays in Spyros' vac--" no wait, this is not the right expression...
Anyway, my point is, we had a really long break and it's time to return with some comics! There's a new cosplayer-related comic coming, the 2nd AZ Powergirl part, profiles, and many more! But first, let's see what happened all this time I was "out of service".

So, "LOST TIME" part 1!