Profile Day Today! It's time to introduce, Mr. Cow!

 Mr. Cow is one...maybe my oldest character, and he's a goat. Don't ask me why his name is of a different species, that's a long story for another time.

 So, Mr. Cow, is a bar owner. Or, to be more exact, he is a "Coffe Shop-Croissanterie-Piano Bar (they just ordered the instrument)-Gift and Tobacco Shop-Tripe Cookery-Tan Yard" owner.
 Yes, he Is greedy, he's also smart, and he does'nt pay his taxes. Or his staff. And he overprices things.

 And he's also a superhero, but we'll talk about that a few months later.



Not the Best Decision...

 Looks like having Mr. Bunny to draw the Profiles' main picture was'nt the best idea after all...No one seems to like having his sketch by him, and I 'm really afraid that this problem will escalate quickly in the future...!



 Hello again, and welcome to our first PROFILE installment! Our new, and second category is here, as we explore our cast and learn a little bit more about the "players".

 First in line is, of course, the creator, aka me. Making comics is not as simple as it seems, as you will see in this profile's comic, especially when you have to deal with 75 uncontrollable, stupid, neurotic animals. Even simple tasks as going to a grocery store to buy food can turn out to be the hardest quest.

 Oh yes, and the profiles' main picture will be drawn by Mr. Bunny instead of me. I still don't know why I agreed to that...



Up and Coming: Profiles!

Our second, and absolutely necessary category is ready! In a couple of days, maybe tomorrow, the first profile comic will be here!

Of course, we'll have to start from the basics, and that means, this first profile is mine.

One minor issue though, I agreed that the profile main pictures will be drawn by Mr. Bunny. U'll get to know him better in profile No3, but for now let's just say that He can't even hold a pencil the right way. And not because he only has 3 fingers!


Fake Batman Strikes Fake-ly

 Here we are again, with our second instalment, and the second page of our "Fake Batman" story. Let's see how they will get rid of him, and in time for our next week's guest to prepare his part!

 But that's not all for today: ...actually, that's All for TODAY. But! In the next few days, I will upload the first "PROFILES" blog+comic, a brand-new category!

 Oh oh, everything will be categorized, did I mentioned that? Ok, let's focus on BATMAN for now!