Guest Of The Month: POWERGIRL! p.1

 Finally! Our guest has arrived, and we are ready to go!

 So, Guest Of The Month Starts Here ladies and gentlemen, and...ok, this is part One, for a really good reason.


 P.S. Let's not forget our Real Guest here, the lovely Cara Nicole, also known as AZ Powergirl, who's playing... Powergirl, in our Powergirl presentation!
 Link for her work here http://azpowergirl.com/ and don't forget to join her facebook fanpage!


Technical Difficulties

 Today we were supposed to have our new category, "Guest Of The Week" ready, BUT, as you can see, we got nothing.

 Our Guest, Powergirl, is late, so apparently this Comic will be up tomorrow.

 We are terribly sorry for the incovenience, stay with us for one more day, if not for me or Powergirl, do it for the two cute, cuddly giraffes hosting thins thing, that are really frustrated right now with all this delay.*

*This post is dedicated to the best comic comedy writer ever, Keith Giffen.-


Coming On Monday...

 Coming on Monday, as the title says, our 1st "Guest Of The Month" (yes, it's going to be a monthly thing, at least I hope so), is coming to our blog, and it's gonna be Huge!

 Sneak peak of new category's header, and our guest is...


 Take a look at this teaser as well ->

 Featuring AZ Powergirl, the lovely model/cosplayer/promo model/writer and sooo much more, Cara Nicole!


Guest Of The...the...

 Another week, another announcement, and we're almost ready to present our next Category!

 "Almost" because we had a hosting problem, but now everything's okay.

 So, this Category will be called "Guest Of The...", and will feature a...guest every...you know how this works, and you also know how these things work on This site, so I can't really tell or predict how often it will be updated. "...of the Month"? "...of the Decade"? "...of the Week"? Just kidding, I can't get a new Guest comic every week, so let's stick to the other options!


How To...Make A Cake!

 Here we are again guys and gals, with our brand new category, named "How To...?"

 I don't really think there s any need for explanation, the name is pretty self-explanatory! I hope we'll have this educational category once a month, but, you know how these things work, you can never predict the future!

 ...Especially since our host is going to be Master! Master is not an animal character as we'll see more details about him in his own profile coming soon, but for now, let's learn How To Bake A Delicious Cake!!


Not as simple as it seems...

 Have you ever tried to change a tier, a lightbulb, moderate your dinner table, or even make a sandwitch, without any luck? Not because you're totally retarded, but because you do not have the "know how"?

 Well, the new Zoo75inc category is about you, and your limited knowledge of making/repairing things!

 Let's see how this started!


PROFILES #04: MICHAEL the elephant

 New profile today, and I'm proud to--no, I simply present you, Michael. The Elephant.
 Michael first appeared on PENGHUNT, as a decorator. He soon became a honorary penguin -or so he thinks-...actually forget this, I really don't know why the penguins keep him around, he does'nt really helps with ANYTHING, he's a complete mess (although he's pretty confident that he's exactly on the opposite direction) and he loves curtains. And color, and flowers,...

 Ok enough, let's see what this "Michael the elephant" is all about!

 Oh right, he's going to present himself.



How it was supposed to be.

 We are just a few hours before Michael the Elephant's profile comic. But for the moment, let's take a look to a little Behind the Scenves-Behind the Scenes!

 Comfused? Don't be, I'm talking about the "Dinosaurs Reviewing Stuff" category, that actually started shooting some time before Stegos' tragic death.

 Here's what we've done so far!


Let's Get Styl-ish!

 A new Profile is coming this week, and this time, we're going to get a little more Fabulous!

 Michael the Elephant is a decorator, and he wants to teach us all how to be in style!

 Not everyone is ok with that, but, you can't please them all now, can you?


Recovery: Epilogue.

 Back on Schedule? It seems so, but, there's always a twist, waiting in the corner, behind closed doors, hiding right in front of you etc etc.

 Let's hope for the best! (Or the worst, which is funnier.)


Recovery: Step Five.

 Sooo, where were we? After Stegos' Funeral, right. We lost a dinosaur, we cried, we mourned, it's finally time to move on.

 That means we'll have to replace Stegos with another dinosaur, another stegosaurus (since we --I spent a lot of money for ad space with a Stegosaurus' face on 'em.)


Recovery: Step Four.

 Our guys seem to be working really hard, and we're going to be back on schedule sooner than we thought.

 If we had more people realising that, that would've been great, but with some of them don't look like they care for more than themselves and their career...


Recovery: Step Three.

 This morning we had Stegos' Funeral.

 It was...interesting, with lots of his friends crying over his grave, a really emotional experience, not even a photograph can really show.

 Well, in our case, NO photograph can really show, because the one responsible to bring along the camera messed everything up.



Recovery: Step Two.

 There's a lot that need to be done. But most importantly, we need to clean everything up, all the mess, all the damage caused by the explosion.

 And who's better suited for this task than the New Guy on the set? Noone!


Recovery: Step One.

 The tragic events of 17/03/13 are still fresh in our memory. Ten ducks exploded during rehearsal, and this was the cause of death for our beloved stegosaurus, Stegos.

 But life goes on, and it is time to cut our losses and move on. It's time to rebuild, to try and recover.

 Five posts. Five steps to recovery.

 R.I.P. Stegos, you will be missed.


Pros And Cons.

 Accidents Happen. And this one, was one waiting to happen.

 Last Sunday, our Third category was about to start. The First "Teeth and Beek" episode, where two of the dinosaurs, Vassilis and Stegos are reviewing important pop culture stuff was in the "shooting" stage. But the shooting never actually happened. Because of the Ducks' Rehearsal right before them.

 And it was a tragic disaster.


Aluminum Sucks.

 This blog has Three (3) categories so far. Two actually, with the third to be introduced this Sunday (the Dinosaurs' Reviews things). Each new category is MY idea, and mine only. I Do like to hear suggestions, but most of the time they remain just that, a suggestion never to be realised.

 And what does that means? It's a really bad idea to try and Force a new category into this blog. I don't like that. There's "rules and shit", quoting Eddie Murphy.


Fishing, Love and Buckets.

 One thing that I love drawing, is pretty ladies. For no reason, or for commission work, or even for...a certain reason or a gift, this whole pencil-ink-ecolines illustration process in one of my favorite artistic "labors".

 My animals don't really seem to understand that, they always think that anything I do, I do it for a reason. And in this second "fish and bucket" story part, they are absolutely certain the levels of "pretty" in my last drawing are intentionaly, extremely high.


Everybody Loves Fishing!

 The good thing having so many animals around you all day, is that u never get bored. The bad thing is, well, u never get bored! Especially when these animals have an initial tendency to exaggerate all the time.

 Even the smallest, the slightest misunderstanding can turn in to a big mess, with chaotic results.

 Yes, I LOVE fishing, I don't see any problem with that!


And That's how it Begins...

 Let's call this a...Social Experiment. Yes, I'm talking about the upcoming Third Category of this comic blog, that will be, Reviews.

 I can hear you thinking out loud "Oh ComeOn, Reviews? Is this gonna turn to ANOTHER Review site? WTF Spyros?" and no, this is just one of the four categories Zoo75inc will have -for the moment-.

 But Wait! Don't expect the usual, BORING, traditional reviews you can find in million places on the internet! This is a SOCIAL EXPERIMENT, remember?

 Dinosaurs. Reading and watching things. But they are, Dinosaurs. Not very familiar with our pop culture, because, well, they are old. And old people don't usually understand, or like, this age's stuff. So there u have it, 

 Dinosaurs Reviewing Stuff.

 And this starts next Sunday. So concider yourself warned.

 Next Sunday.


 And Stuff.



Who is Mr. Bunny?

 That's a good question. And the obvious answer is, "A Bunny". Not Any bunny though, but a pop star idol. Yes sir, Mr. Bunny is a famous musician that used to be an OASIS (the band) member, even before they called themselves that. But he left, he had a pretty good solo carrier, and now he loves doing comics.

 He's not good at drawing. You can tell from the profile pictures he does here. Not very good at storytelling either. But that's not important, since he thinks otherwise. And he's stubborn. And famous, did I said that? Because Mr. Bunny never forgets to remind everyone that he's famous. And he's good at painting-No he's not.

 Anyway, he's unique, that s why his fans love him.

 (Avgi on the other hand that appears on his profile comic is just an inker and comic artist. A really good one, but not famous. Not like Mr. Bunny. I'm really sorry, but that's the whole, painful truth.)



Here Comes The Color...

 Let's cut to the chase here: Our 3rd profile is going to be Mr. Bunny himself. Maybe the most "famous" character I ever created, and theone with the most stories (3 comic strip series in Greece, 2 comic albums, several guest appearences, two short comic strip series in the US etc) but his bio is for his profile update to tell.

 Today I have to talk about Lucy. Lucy is a colorist and comic artist in real life, and last year she colored one of Mr. Bunny's actual comic covers (Mr. Bunny is a musician AND a comic artist, he draws our profile main pictures if u remember). But, Mr. Bunny hated the colors, and I think, this ruined their relationship forever.

 Let's see...

 Well, this did'nt turned out as well as I hoped...sigh...anyway, I mentioned before that Lucy is a comic artist as well, right?

 Here's a "Mr.Bunny VS Lucy" fanart by...Lucy!



 Profile Day Today! It's time to introduce, Mr. Cow!

 Mr. Cow is one...maybe my oldest character, and he's a goat. Don't ask me why his name is of a different species, that's a long story for another time.

 So, Mr. Cow, is a bar owner. Or, to be more exact, he is a "Coffe Shop-Croissanterie-Piano Bar (they just ordered the instrument)-Gift and Tobacco Shop-Tripe Cookery-Tan Yard" owner.
 Yes, he Is greedy, he's also smart, and he does'nt pay his taxes. Or his staff. And he overprices things.

 And he's also a superhero, but we'll talk about that a few months later.



Not the Best Decision...

 Looks like having Mr. Bunny to draw the Profiles' main picture was'nt the best idea after all...No one seems to like having his sketch by him, and I 'm really afraid that this problem will escalate quickly in the future...!



 Hello again, and welcome to our first PROFILE installment! Our new, and second category is here, as we explore our cast and learn a little bit more about the "players".

 First in line is, of course, the creator, aka me. Making comics is not as simple as it seems, as you will see in this profile's comic, especially when you have to deal with 75 uncontrollable, stupid, neurotic animals. Even simple tasks as going to a grocery store to buy food can turn out to be the hardest quest.

 Oh yes, and the profiles' main picture will be drawn by Mr. Bunny instead of me. I still don't know why I agreed to that...



Up and Coming: Profiles!

Our second, and absolutely necessary category is ready! In a couple of days, maybe tomorrow, the first profile comic will be here!

Of course, we'll have to start from the basics, and that means, this first profile is mine.

One minor issue though, I agreed that the profile main pictures will be drawn by Mr. Bunny. U'll get to know him better in profile No3, but for now let's just say that He can't even hold a pencil the right way. And not because he only has 3 fingers!


Fake Batman Strikes Fake-ly

 Here we are again, with our second instalment, and the second page of our "Fake Batman" story. Let's see how they will get rid of him, and in time for our next week's guest to prepare his part!

 But that's not all for today: ...actually, that's All for TODAY. But! In the next few days, I will upload the first "PROFILES" blog+comic, a brand-new category!

 Oh oh, everything will be categorized, did I mentioned that? Ok, let's focus on BATMAN for now!


A Transition Story

 So! Here we are guys and gals, Zoo75inc is, at last, online, with it's 1st post!

 For those of you that need an explanation, and I bet you are many, this blog-thing is all about the "Behind The Scenes" stuff of Spyros' (that's me), comics. Not regular stuff though, think of it as a "Fake" autobio, when a creator is struggling with his characters in his real life. All these years I've been writing comics and comic strips with funny animals, guest real person characters and other weird things. And it was'nt easy. No Sir! And how can it be, when your characters, your actors, are a bunch of egoistic opportunists that all they care about is money, fame, and good food? And that's exactly our subject here: Everybody vs Everyone, in a weekly basis, with regular updates, profiles, extras and a few guest stars, existents or fictionals!

 This 1st post, is all about Transitions. The cast from my PENGHUNT comic strip  finds out that their personal lives will be monitored here. They don't really understand why, but who cares? Not me! (for now).

Enjoy and Welcome!