A Transition Story

 So! Here we are guys and gals, Zoo75inc is, at last, online, with it's 1st post!

 For those of you that need an explanation, and I bet you are many, this blog-thing is all about the "Behind The Scenes" stuff of Spyros' (that's me), comics. Not regular stuff though, think of it as a "Fake" autobio, when a creator is struggling with his characters in his real life. All these years I've been writing comics and comic strips with funny animals, guest real person characters and other weird things. And it was'nt easy. No Sir! And how can it be, when your characters, your actors, are a bunch of egoistic opportunists that all they care about is money, fame, and good food? And that's exactly our subject here: Everybody vs Everyone, in a weekly basis, with regular updates, profiles, extras and a few guest stars, existents or fictionals!

 This 1st post, is all about Transitions. The cast from my PENGHUNT comic strip  finds out that their personal lives will be monitored here. They don't really understand why, but who cares? Not me! (for now).

Enjoy and Welcome!

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