How To...Make A Cake!

 Here we are again guys and gals, with our brand new category, named "How To...?"

 I don't really think there s any need for explanation, the name is pretty self-explanatory! I hope we'll have this educational category once a month, but, you know how these things work, you can never predict the future!

 ...Especially since our host is going to be Master! Master is not an animal character as we'll see more details about him in his own profile coming soon, but for now, let's learn How To Bake A Delicious Cake!!


Not as simple as it seems...

 Have you ever tried to change a tier, a lightbulb, moderate your dinner table, or even make a sandwitch, without any luck? Not because you're totally retarded, but because you do not have the "know how"?

 Well, the new Zoo75inc category is about you, and your limited knowledge of making/repairing things!

 Let's see how this started!


PROFILES #04: MICHAEL the elephant

 New profile today, and I'm proud to--no, I simply present you, Michael. The Elephant.
 Michael first appeared on PENGHUNT, as a decorator. He soon became a honorary penguin -or so he thinks-...actually forget this, I really don't know why the penguins keep him around, he does'nt really helps with ANYTHING, he's a complete mess (although he's pretty confident that he's exactly on the opposite direction) and he loves curtains. And color, and flowers,...

 Ok enough, let's see what this "Michael the elephant" is all about!

 Oh right, he's going to present himself.



How it was supposed to be.

 We are just a few hours before Michael the Elephant's profile comic. But for the moment, let's take a look to a little Behind the Scenves-Behind the Scenes!

 Comfused? Don't be, I'm talking about the "Dinosaurs Reviewing Stuff" category, that actually started shooting some time before Stegos' tragic death.

 Here's what we've done so far!


Let's Get Styl-ish!

 A new Profile is coming this week, and this time, we're going to get a little more Fabulous!

 Michael the Elephant is a decorator, and he wants to teach us all how to be in style!

 Not everyone is ok with that, but, you can't please them all now, can you?


Recovery: Epilogue.

 Back on Schedule? It seems so, but, there's always a twist, waiting in the corner, behind closed doors, hiding right in front of you etc etc.

 Let's hope for the best! (Or the worst, which is funnier.)