Who is Mr. Bunny?

 That's a good question. And the obvious answer is, "A Bunny". Not Any bunny though, but a pop star idol. Yes sir, Mr. Bunny is a famous musician that used to be an OASIS (the band) member, even before they called themselves that. But he left, he had a pretty good solo carrier, and now he loves doing comics.

 He's not good at drawing. You can tell from the profile pictures he does here. Not very good at storytelling either. But that's not important, since he thinks otherwise. And he's stubborn. And famous, did I said that? Because Mr. Bunny never forgets to remind everyone that he's famous. And he's good at painting-No he's not.

 Anyway, he's unique, that s why his fans love him.

 (Avgi on the other hand that appears on his profile comic is just an inker and comic artist. A really good one, but not famous. Not like Mr. Bunny. I'm really sorry, but that's the whole, painful truth.)


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