And That's how it Begins...

 Let's call this a...Social Experiment. Yes, I'm talking about the upcoming Third Category of this comic blog, that will be, Reviews.

 I can hear you thinking out loud "Oh ComeOn, Reviews? Is this gonna turn to ANOTHER Review site? WTF Spyros?" and no, this is just one of the four categories Zoo75inc will have -for the moment-.

 But Wait! Don't expect the usual, BORING, traditional reviews you can find in million places on the internet! This is a SOCIAL EXPERIMENT, remember?

 Dinosaurs. Reading and watching things. But they are, Dinosaurs. Not very familiar with our pop culture, because, well, they are old. And old people don't usually understand, or like, this age's stuff. So there u have it, 

 Dinosaurs Reviewing Stuff.

 And this starts next Sunday. So concider yourself warned.

 Next Sunday.


 And Stuff.

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