Here Comes The Color...

 Let's cut to the chase here: Our 3rd profile is going to be Mr. Bunny himself. Maybe the most "famous" character I ever created, and theone with the most stories (3 comic strip series in Greece, 2 comic albums, several guest appearences, two short comic strip series in the US etc) but his bio is for his profile update to tell.

 Today I have to talk about Lucy. Lucy is a colorist and comic artist in real life, and last year she colored one of Mr. Bunny's actual comic covers (Mr. Bunny is a musician AND a comic artist, he draws our profile main pictures if u remember). But, Mr. Bunny hated the colors, and I think, this ruined their relationship forever.

 Let's see...

 Well, this did'nt turned out as well as I hoped...sigh...anyway, I mentioned before that Lucy is a comic artist as well, right?

 Here's a "Mr.Bunny VS Lucy" fanart by...Lucy!

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